Sendy is a cash-free payment tool which allows retail business establishments to take a fresh look at accepting payments. Clients will be able to pay for products and services with their mobile phones via QR-codes. The system allows to serve clients with Sendy and WeChat apps installed on their devices.

What are the options for connecting with Sendy?

  • Integration with point-of-sale software with the help of payment API.
  • Accepting payments through smart phones or tablets with the seller’s app.
  • Implementation of the payment system on the payment page of the site.
  • Accepting payments through card POS-terminals.

In order to make a payment the client will only need to perform three steps:

  • Launch Sendy, Wechat app.
  • Scan the QR-code of the cash register or show your QR-code to the cashier.
  • Confirm the payment and the amount with the PIN-code.

What does connecting with Sendy give you?

  • Attracting additional consumer flow from China and, thus, increased profit.
  • No need for additional payment terminals.
  • Saving at acquiring fee costs.
  • The ability to make targeted offers and track how satisfied customers’ are with your services.
  • Promoting your brand through Sendy’s partners and within the Wechat social network.
  • Access to the customer audience of partners when launching Sendy.

How to connect to Sendy

  • Sign the contract with the bank-participant.
  • Grant access to the cashier software for integrating with Sendy or install the app..
  • Train cashiers (we will send all necessary training instructions).

Tell customers about the new payment possibility: decide where to place information about Sendy and we will mail all marketing materials.