Payment Platform
Turnkey Payment system
Unified financial ecosystem on the Sendy Payment Platform.
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Sendy Payment Platform
A comprehensive solution that unites payment market participants into a single ecosystem designed to service contactless and remote QR-payments, money transfers and other financial transactions.
Merchant interface
Platform operator interface
Sendy Wallet mobile application
Clearing center
Limits, commissions, taxes
Loyalty program
Reporting, dashboards, notifications
Sendy POS mobile application
Issuing of e-wallets
Remote authentication (KYC)
Bulk disbursement
Top-up and withdrawal of funds
P2P transfers by QR-code and phone number
Payment in stores (online and offline)
Payment for services of third-party providers (i.e. Communal services, telephone bills, internet, TV, etc.)
Merchant registration
Convenient tools for monitoring and analysing payment dynamics
User-friendly payment scenarios by QR-code
Quick on-boarding of merchants to the system
A single QR-code for loyalty program and payment transactions
Large retail chains
Small and medium-sized businesses
Online stores, social networks and mobile applications
Full control of financial flows within the payment ecosystem.
Flexible customization and ease of adaptation of the solution for the customer.
Ability to quickly integrate with external information systems.
Minimal costs for the payment infrastructure and its maintenance – no need to issue physical cards and invest in expensive POS equipment.
Convenient interfaces for all participants of the process and user-friendly payment scenarios.
Reduced risks when carrying out transactions using QR-code technology. Information is not transmitted through open channels; a one-time short-lived token is used.
Stand-alone platform, independent of international payment systems with integration features. No costs associated with participation in international payment systems.
How we work
For achieving our project goals, implementation is usually divided into several stages:
We carefully analyse the requirements of the Customer, carry out market and competitor's research, determine the goals, needs and functionality of the project.
We develop a unique design of the required system and formulate the business and technical requirements.
After determining the functionality and architecture of the future project, we proceed to the development of the new software solution.
We check the final solution for errors, performance and security.
We deploy the ready solution on the Customer's infrastructure.
We provide the necessary training for the Customer's specialists, in order to prepare them for working with the new product.
We provide technical support for the final product, and, if necessary, develop and add new functionalities to it.
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