Sendy is a digital wallet app which unites accounts in different banks. Now it is easy and simple to control your finances, instantly transfer them internationally, pay for products and services and be aware of all transactions without cards, passwords and complicated identification procedures.

How to start using Sendy?

▪     Download the app on your smart phone or tablet

▪     Register and choose a bank.

▪     Create or link your bank account to it

How to pay using Sendy in a shop?

▪     Open the app.

▪     Scan the QR-code at the cash register from the printed receipt or the monitor screen.

▪     Confirm the payment and the amount by entering your PIN-code.

How to transfer money to another Sendy user?

▪     Choose the recipient from your contact list or scan the receiver’s QR-code.

▪     Type the amount you want to send.

▪     Confirm the transaction by entering your PIN-code.

Sendy sends you a notification after each transaction. This way, you will also keep track of your accounts and finances.

What to do if you loose your phone?

Nothing to worry about. Just contact Sendy’s tech support or the issuing bank and your account will be blocked for 24 hours. You will have time to download the Sendy app on another phone and confirm your identity