Sendy is the first payment system in Russia which performs mobile payments and operates without bank cards. Banks are opening a new way of performing transactions with the use of QR-codes, as well as the possibility of working with the clients of the Chinese payment system WeChat Pay.

Bank-participants will be able to expand the functionality of mobile banking by adding the possibility to perform all kinds of transactions with mobile phones, while clients and legal entities will become interested in non-cash forms of payments.

Main Benefits from participation: Individual clients:

▪     Getting cash without bank cards.

▪     Low risk of loss, theft or fraud.

▪     The fastest way of paying online and offline.

Retail business establishments:

▪     No need to buy or install additional equipment for accepting payments.

▪     Low costs for transactions and payments (from 1%).

▪     Increase in the number of possible ways of payment for products/ services.


▪     Lowering transactional costs.

▪     Attracting trade networks at more beneficial conditions and, thus, increasing turnover.

Increasing transactional business.